Custom Cake Orders

Have a boutique event coming up that would be made that much better with a custom made celebration cake?

Copper Kettle specialises in rustic house made cakes in a range of styles and flavours suiting even the trickiest of dietary requirements.

All cakes are custom made using the finest ingredients available, sourcing locally when we can.

How much notice do I need to give for a cake order?

At least 7 days. We prefer you come in or give us a call so we can go over exactly what you want. We take cake orders up to 3 months in advance and due to high demand limited bookings available.

How much will it cost?

Every cake is different and each cake will be quoted individually with 30 days valid for the quote.

Can I freeze my left over cake?

Yes! All of our cakes are made using real couverture chocolate, they stay delicious moist and tasty even when frozen. We do not recommend freezing any flavours with berries as the berries can go rancid upon defrosting, to freeze your cake, wrap 2 layers of glad wrap and one of foil then pop in the freezer. When defrosting, we recommend taking your cake out of the freezer the day before and defrosting in the fridge to reduce condensation. We also recommend cutting the cake into smaller pieces before freezing.

Will you make my wedding cake?

Unfortunately we do not offer wedding cakes.

I have 60+ people to feed, are you the right cake maker for me?

We specialise in boutique, smaller style cakes however if you have difficulty finding the right cake maker for you we are happy to make some enquiries on your behalf.

For an extensive range of cake ideas check out our Facebook, as we are always adding new and exciting things to our repertoire.


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